Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Soccer Times Three

We hit a new milestone this fall, in that we now have yet another child playing soccer!
I wish you all could see how proud Owen is to finally have his own team, and not just be watching his sisters doing something!
He is loving it and is doing a really good job!
Brian is his coach, and he knew two other kids on his team. Unfortunately rain has cancelled a good number of their games this fall, but they'll all get the chance to play together in the spring as well.
Peyton (#3) is in her second year of playing soccer. Even though her uniforms are the same color as Owen's, she's actually on a different team of kids who are a year older.
She loves running around out there and is learning how to get after the ball better.
She, too, knew someone else on her team, so that was nice.
This is Kellen's 4th year of soccer, and it is so much more fun to watch this level! (Though there is definitely much entertainment in watching the younger kids attempt to play, as well!) The kids at this age are actually working together, passing the ball, dribbling it in close-range, etc.
We've seen huge improvements in Kellen this year, and she is consistenly the high scorer for her team.
And despite how athletic Kellen is, fashion is important to her as well---she was thrilled that her uniforms were turquoise---her favorite color! ;-)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

UCHS--20 Years Later

So this year was Brian's 20th high school reunion, but we just made it over to Union City for the Friday night football game. We had to come home Saturday morning for the opening weekend of soccer season.
The kids were all dressed in purple or gold, and had fun with Brian's friends' kids. For some reason, I only took these two pictures, and didn't even get one of Brian with his two best friends, David and Wright, much less all the other people from "back in the day"! They all seemed to have lots of fun, though!

Their attempt at a pyramid!
Bottom Row: Dawson, Hallie, Audrey & Kellen
Top Row: Ruby, Peyton & Owen
Another cute pic of the kids, though we don't know who the two in the cheerleading outfits are!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Go Red Wolves!

This year we finally bought season tickets to the Arkansas State football games! It seems that each year we've been here, we've bit by bit become more enthusiastic fans of ASU. Now, I'm sure it will never match the caliber of University of Alabama, or our love for that university, but this is Brian's 7th year here at ASU, so it's about time we got more involved.
We've had a lot of fun going to the games so far, and the kids have really enjoyed them, too. Of course, they pay a little more attention to the cheers, their friends, what snack to buy and the half-time show, rather than the football game, but that's okay. We're in a section with many of our friends, so that makes it a lot more fun, too.
Go Red Wolves!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Giving Swim Team a Try

After having done gymnastics for years, the girls had gone as far as they could go without jumping up to the next level, meaning 6+ hours of practice per week, traveling to competitions, etc. No thanks. Not at this age.
So, they had the idea of trying out the local swim team. Swimming is not something Brian or I ever did as a competitive sport, but we certainly liked the idea. It's great exercise, great discipline, and something they could do together at the same time, which means easier transportation for the parents! And, even if they only do it for a while, it is like intense "swim lessons", and they'll be the stronger for it!
They've both excelled quickly, and have already learned the basics of all the strokes, as well as the starting dives off the side of the pool and the blocks. We've yet to enter them in a meet, but will probably do so at some point this winter. In the meantime, it's been fun to watch them in a new endeavour!