Tuesday, November 3, 2009

UCHS--20 Years Later

So this year was Brian's 20th high school reunion, but we just made it over to Union City for the Friday night football game. We had to come home Saturday morning for the opening weekend of soccer season.
The kids were all dressed in purple or gold, and had fun with Brian's friends' kids. For some reason, I only took these two pictures, and didn't even get one of Brian with his two best friends, David and Wright, much less all the other people from "back in the day"! They all seemed to have lots of fun, though!

Their attempt at a pyramid!
Bottom Row: Dawson, Hallie, Audrey & Kellen
Top Row: Ruby, Peyton & Owen
Another cute pic of the kids, though we don't know who the two in the cheerleading outfits are!

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