Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Day of School

Okay, it was nine weeks ago for Kellen and Peyton, and seven weeks ago for Owen and Dawson, but I can't not chronicle this classic picture-taking opportunity!!!
Pretend this pic is down at the bottom of this post where it's supposed to be---Owen's first day of pre-school was 2 weeks later, but blogger is not letting me put it in the right place!
Peyton on her first day of Kindergarten

Kellen on her first day of 2nd grade


Molly, Bella, Kellen & Clara in the gym before school started.

Kellen & Caroline are in the same class this year.

Best buddies since they were tots---Kate and Kellen!

Some of Peyton's classmates gathering before school, waiting for the doors to open. These are 7 of the 11 kids in her class.

Assigned to a table with Lola and Susannah

I let the boys have popsicles after we got home from dropping their sisters off because they were so sad the girls were gone!

Fast-forward 2 weeks to the boys first day of pre-school

The love of a brother....

Big boy Dawson

Peyton wanted her pic with the boys, too. Kellen had already left for school.

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