Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Best Days of the Summer....

...are spent swimming with our friends! For four years now, we've joined the same pool with a group of other families, and that's how we spend most of our summer days! The kids have their friends to play with and the mamas have their friends to talk to! We pack a lunch or occasionally order a pizza, and come home just in time for afternoon naps. Can't think of a better way to spend the summer days!
Peyton, Colby, Kellen & Kate are quite the foursome. They're usually off in the deep end somewhere!
Dawson was really into his goggles this summer, but they were usually around his neck or on the top of his head---rarely over his eyes!
Playtime! Owen's squirting the foam water gun. That's Carson in the tube, and Peyton, Kellen, Cade and Kate in the background.
Brian got to come out with us a few times. Pooltime with Daddy is always fun---lots of flying bodies as he throws them into the water, "surfing" on his back as he's underwater, and diving off his shoulders.
Owen cheesing it up. I'm not sure why he's got his goggles squishing his ears!

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